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Enable Secure Electronic Connections with Computer Cables from Sears

Computer cables allow you to move files or sync technology across devices. Depending on the functionality you're looking for, there are several types of cables to choose from. Pick from a vast selection of cables at Sears for innumerous applications.

Support the Latest Technology

An HDMI cable produces an interface between any audio/video source, such as set-up boxes, DVD players or A/V receivers, and an audio and/or video monitor, such as digital television. HDMI supports standard, enhanced or high-definition video and multi-channel digital audio. Take a look at Ematic Set of 2 HDMI Cables that are designed to significantly improve the performance of a home entertainment system. For media files on recorders, tablets and other small devices, a Mini HDMI cable does the job.

If you want to transfer data, which an HDMI cable cannot do, get a USB cable like the Belkin Components 1M USB-C To USB-A Cable. A USB device provides a standard connection interface for personal computers and consumer electronics devices. The USB port allows USB devices to be connected to each other and transfer digital data over USB cables.

A micro USB is generally used for being able to charge portable devices. Use a high-quality USB to Micro USB cable, like the StarTech.Com 3' cable, to charge your phone, e-reader or tablet with a USB port on your computer, in your car or with a USB power bank. You can also transfer different types of data straight to your desktop, computer, or laptop via the USB connection on each gadget.

Solidify Network Connections

Ethernet cables connect devices such as PCs, routers and switches within a local area network. These physical cables must be of the correct length and quality to carry a good network signal. Thus, there are different types of Ethernet cables that are optimized to perform certain tasks in specific situations. Cat5 and Cat6 cables are considered to be of the highest efficiency. Shielded cables, like the C2G 6" Cat6a Snagless (STP) Network cable, allow faster transmission speeds and fewer data errors.

Most Ethernet cables connect one computer to a router or switch. A crossover cable is a type of Ethernet cable that connects two computers to each other. Check out the C2G 25' Cat6 Snagless Crossover Unshielded (UTP) Network Patch Cable to know more about such cables. You can also find power cables and charging cords for different devices, like the Anker Play PowerLine 3' Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified Charging Cord For iPhone.

Sears has reliable, bend-resistant cables that you can use in your home, car or office. Get safe and seamless performance across all your devices with the right cables.