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Carry Your Digital Information in Your Pocket with a Flash Drive

Bringing your information with you is easy with a flash drive. USB flash drives are compatible with most operating systems, making them great for transferring files between computers. A USB thumb drive's main advantage is their portability. Many models come with a slot that makes them easy to slide onto a key ring, so you'll always have it with you when you're transferring files from home to work or school. You can easily add or remove files as you need them to manage the space on your flash drive.

Flash memory allows for multiple deletions and writing new data over and over again without losing efficacy. It can take much more time to clear a rewritable storage disc so you can add a new set of files. Flash drives are an easy way to manage ever-changing files and folders that you need to access on multiple computers.

Flash drives come in a variety of colors, styles and shapes. Show off your favorite video games, TV characters or sports with flash drives that have unique colors and designs. Since you'll carry it with you at all times, it's nice to add some personal flair to your USB drive. Just like a mouse pad, thumb drives are an easy way to show off your personal style while you're at the computer. Sears has everything you need to store all of your digital data.