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Enable your PC to Connect to a Network with Networking Cards & Adapters from Sears

Creating a reliable online system for communication requires you to properly connect storage devices and gadgets. Each computer accessory or peripheral can be connected to a network using dedicated network cables. We tend to find all kinds of computer cables like SATA, HDMI, VGA and many more. They pave the way for seamless transfer of signals with minimum distortion. Cables and adapters play a crucial role in getting your PC ready for wired and wireless communication. Network cards enable your computer to exchange data with a network. This is usually embedded into the motherboard of a computer. Sears has a wide collection of network adapters and cards from top brands like HP, IBM, Intel and other manufacturers.

Network Adapters

This happens to be the only device within a computer that is intended to interface with a network. It is usually present on printed circuit board with jumpers that connect it with the motherboard. It uses an RJ45 port with twisted or untwisted pair cable for connectivity. Generally, it makes use of local area network (LAN) connection. Network adapters can be used both in wired and wireless networks.

Networking Card Terminology

Networking cards have also been known to us as Network Interface Cards (NIC), especially when they are plugged into a particular workstation. In some cases, it is also referred to as a network interface controller or a network card. All these devices connect a computer to a network, and fall in the category of network adapters. Let us have a look at some types of network cards and adapters.

Network Cards with RJ45 Port

These network cards come with a Registered Jack 45 (RJ45) port, which boasts an 8-pin or 8-position plug or jack. It can connect computers to Ethernet-based local area networks (LAN). This network port is also found on switches, routers, and network cards. Similarly, Ethernet cables are also known as RJ45 cables because they come with RJ45 ports on both ends. Sears has various kinds of network cards like 1.25G Network Card and PCIE Adapter Card, which can support high speed wireless communication over a network.

Sears has a massive range of network adapters and cards that can suit computers of all configurations. We have 2.5G Ethernet adapters, 4-port network adapters and PCI network adapters too. Snag computer peripherals and devices at great discounts to elevate your shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of network adapter cards?

These network interface cards come in various types like wireless, wired, USB, and fiber optics. Each of these is meant to serve a specific purpose in the network.

What is the use of a network adapter card?

It enables an additional communication port on a computer that can allow you to connect to a network. The connection will either be wireless (Wi-Fi) or via an RJ45 Ethernet cable for getting the internet access.