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Create a Communication System in your Home with a Network Bridge from Sears

On most occasions, we tend to communicate with each other from the comfort of our home. This is possible by enabling a communication network with a network bridge which offers a reliable platform. It is basically a device for creating a single, aggregate network from multiple communication systems or segments. There are plenty of gadgets and devices that are used in a network for enjoying seamless communication. Installing them is extremely necessary for hassle-free transmission of signals. Sears has a wide variety of networking elements and accessories to help set-up a dependable communication network in your home.

Importance of Bridges

Bridges make use of subnetworks that use interchangeable protocols. It combines two LANs to create a network of LANs. Because of this integration of LANs, the overall network capacity is greatly increased. A bridge accepts all the packets and amplifies them to the other end. These intelligent devices do not allow the passing of all such packets. Instead, they help transmit only selective packets from them. The selected packets are addressed from a node in one network to another node in the other network.

Multiple Elements Constitute a Network Bridge

There are many electronic devices that are used in the installation of a network bridge in your home. Some of the most commonly used accessories are routers, modems, repeaters, switches, gateways, hubs and more. All these are intended to serve a particular purpose.

Shop Sears for Quality Networking Products

We have lined up a host of network accessories that can enhance the operation of your system. All these modern gadgets help improve the overall performance of your network.

Boosters and Repeaters

The Linksys RE7000 Range Extender is a gadget that can extend the coverage area of your Wi-Fi network. It operates by receiving your existing signal for amplification, and then transmitting the boosted signal. This helps enhance the physical dimensions of your bridge.

The Aruba Networks Inc. AP-103H Wireless Access Point uses the existing cabling system to provide secure wired and Wi-Fi network access in your home. It can offer wireless data rates up to 300 Mbps, thanks to the 802.11n technology with two spatial MIMO streams.

We also provide microphones, speakers, mixers, subwoofers, transmitters, and receivers that improve the functionality of your network. Browse through our range of electronic devices and accessories to power up your existing system. We have exciting campaigns with huge discounts to better your shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a network bridge differ from a router?

A bridge is a device that is used to constitute two or more LANs, whereas routers are utilized in setting up both LAN and MAN connections. Bridges help segment the networks and extend them, while the routers are useful for connecting faraway networks.

What is a network gateway device?

If you wish to connect two networks with different transmission protocols in a telecommunication system, then a network gateway is used. All the data must pass through or communicate with the gateway before getting routed. In this sense, they serve as entry and exit point for a network.