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Create a Network of Servers in your Home by Choosing Sears for Best Products

To ensure hassle-free transfer of data online, it is obvious that we have to make necessary arrangements to create a reliable network. Basically, we require certain software or hardware devices that accept and respond to requests made over a network. As far as the internet is concerned, the term server is indicative of the computer system that transfers the requested files to a client. Servers can also be set-up by users to control the access to a network. It can either be physical or virtual, which depends on the requirement. Sears has a massive collection of PC accessories that are useful in maintaining servers in homes and offices.

Computer as a Server

A home desktop or a laptop also acts as a server, provided we have the right software to perform the task. We may choose to install a FTP (file transfer protocol) server program to share files between other users on a network. However, using our desktop as a server brings with certain challenges like exposure to malware and other attacks.

Important Server Essentials

A server usually comprises several subsystems like processor, memory, storage, and network. This is because all these play a crucial role in transferring the requested file over a communication system. Sears has all the components and accessories that will help you setup a dependable server.


The UrbanX Bluetooth Adapter for PC allows the computer to have a Bluetooth communication. This small and compact device can work with speakers, headphones, headsets, keyboards and more, with a maximum transfer rate up to 3 Mbps. This is extremely useful for wireless networks. We have various adapters like Brainboxes US-313 Serial Adapter and Digipartspower 48V AC/DC Adapter for Single Port.


The Netgear Rangemax WNR3500L Gigabit Router with USB is perfect for ultra-fast wired connections. It also supports Wireless-N for better wireless speed and range. Choose this router for creating a wireless network and sharing your Internet connection and files with other devices.

The Tenda NOVA Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System helps create a super-fast environment for your high-capacity network demands. It ensures smooth streaming, gaming, downloading, and uninterrupted video chat at the same time.

Sears has routers, extenders and other gadgets that can elevate the performance of your server to a high level. Explore our exciting range of devices from Netgear, TP-Link and more. Our accessories cater to the demands of homes and offices. We offer attractive discounts even on new arrivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hardware server?

It is defined as a physical device connected to a computer network on which multiple software-based servers run. A hardware server can also be called as a host. Any PC can be set-up as a host with additional server software.

How do cloud servers work?

Their mode of operation is similar to that of a traditional server. However, these are located virtually, and enable a remote access. These help create multiple virtual machines to share computing power.