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Print Official Papers Quickly by Opting for Dot Matrix Printers from Sears

More often than not, in offices, we have to frequently print a bunch of papers for various purposes. The best computer peripheral that makes your work easy in such cases is a dot matrix printer. They fall in the category of impact printers that use a matrix of tiny pins to create characters and images on paper. In the recent decades, they have been replaced by other printing technologies such as inkjet and laser printers. However, dot matrix printers still find applications in certain industries for specialized printing. Sears has lined up a variety of dot matrix printers and related essentials at offer prices.

Why to Choose Dot Matrix Printers?

Dot matrix printers are known for their high-speed printing capabilities. They can quickly print continuous forms and multipart documents, making them suitable for applications that require rapid production of multiple copies. Additionally, dot matrix printers are versatile in terms of paper handling. They can accommodate various paper types, including multipart forms, labels, and continuous paper with perforated edges.

Operation of Dot Matrix Printers

The distinguishing feature of dot matrix printers is their impact-based printing mechanism. The printer head consists of a series of pins that strike an inked ribbon against the paper. It forms patterns of dots that make up the desired output. These dots combine to create characters, graphics, and images on the printed page.

One of the advantages of dot matrix printers is their ability to produce multiple copies of a document simultaneously using carbon paper. The impact of the pins transfers ink from the ribbon onto the paper and onto the copies beneath it. This allows the creation of duplicates without the need for additional printing processes.

Important Parts of Dot Matrix Printers

Printhead - It is the primary component responsible for creating the characters and images on paper. It contains a matrix of small pins that strike against an inked ribbon to form dots. The number of pins in the printhead determines the print resolution and quality, with common options being 9, 18, or 24 pins.

Ribbon Cartridge - The ribbon cartridge holds the inked ribbon, which is an essential consumable in dot matrix printers. The ribbon is threaded between the printhead and the paper. Ribbon cartridges can be easily replaced when the ink is depleted.

Paper Feed Mechanism - Dot matrix printers employ various mechanisms to feed the paper through the printer. These mechanisms can include tractor feeds, which use sprockets to guide continuous paper sheets with perforated edges, or friction feeds. This operation relies on friction to move single sheets of paper.

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