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Get Additional Copies of Official Documents with a Solid Ink Printer from Sears

Producing important papers at offices, courts and other places is extremely important. This could be for proving the validity of the case or identity or anything else. We all are aware that we need to sign official papers in banks and other commercial establishments. This highlights the importance of paperwork in such places. In order to produce important papers pertaining to a client, these offices require a top-quality solid ink printer to get their work done. Even in homes, this printer helps showcase your artwork on a piece of paper. This peripheral can be easily connected to a PC to print papers rapidly. Sears has a great stock of printers and accessories from best-selling brands like HP, Epson and more.

Advantages of Solid Ink Printers

These are perfect for graphic designers who deal with a myriad of colors. The print quality paves the way for brilliant color definition, particularly for the vibrant ones like red, green, orange, yellow and more. The melted wax also creates a glossy surface across the top of the paper.

As opposed to inkjet and laser printer cartridges, solid ink sticks mean that there is no empty cartridge to dispose of once the wax runs out. It reduces the amount of waste which wards off disposal issues.

Sears is a Storehouse of Printers & Accessories

We have a massive range of solid ink printer essentials that can bring the malfunctioning device back to life. Right from ink cartridges, toners to printers, we have all the computer peripherals that can help print documents and papers in quick time.

Opt for the Epson EPC200XL420 High Yield Ink Cartridge to refill the exhausted ink in your printer. This printer essential is compatible with a variety of printers manufactured by Epson in the Expression series.

The NXT Premium Printer Cartridges helps you get more for your money while performing as well as OEM cartridges. These reliable accessories are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities utilizing technology and automation. This ensures that the print produced on paper is crisp and clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Solid Ink Printer Work?

These have solid ink sticks that are heated to melting point when you click print. The subsequent ink produced is then transferred onto the paper for a printed image. It is somewhat similar to offset printing, where the image is produced and then placed onto the paper to create the print.

How is a solid ink printer different from inkjet and laser printers?

Laser printers use toner cartridges for printing. It uses an electrical charge to instruct the toner about dispensing of the ink onto the paper. The inkjet printers use ink cartridges for printing. As opposed to both of these, a solid ink printer uses the heating and melting process of ink sticks for printing.

Where do we find the use of solid ink printers?

These type of printers are used for printing documents that require colors of high quality. Because of this feature, the solid ink printers are extensively used in offices, and for business and official purposes.