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Printers & Scanners

Print out high-quality photos and documents with a printer from Sears

Having last minute work assignments or digital projects can be very difficult to finish by deadline without the essential computer accessories. Having a high-quality printer from Sears can solve many problems. Choose from a device that is able to quickly and accurately produce documents and photos.

Developing photos the old fashion way is a thing of the past. Print pictures by simply uploading pictures from a camera to your computer. If you use a Wi-Fi portable printer, you can use a wireless connection to print pictures directly from a smartphone. All-in-one models copy, scan and print documents or photos with ease. Professional–quality and high-resolution 3-D printers are great for designers, and multi-function commercial printers are a must for any office.

Wi-Fi scanners can scan and save physical documents or images to smartphones, tablets and computers so information or materials can be sent from any location for convenience. Having a desktop computer or laptop in your home requires essential hardware and devices. Whether your printing notes for your work or class presentation or pictures from a recent family vacation for the photo album, printers and computer scanners from Sears will produce high-quality documents and photos that are second to none.