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Finish your Work and Hobby Projects with Electric Switches from Sears

Power up around your home, business or job site with electric switches, a key component to your most important projects. From industrial to board level applications, Sears' wide selection of electric switches will help you complete your work. If you're seeking push-button, rocker, toggle, DIP or rotary switches, you'll discover a multitude of options that meet your needs.

From computer monitors to vending machines, electric switches serve many functions in daily life. Whether you want a push-button switch for applications like elevator buttons or parking ticket dispensers, or you're interested in DIP switches for applications like garage door openers and ceiling fans, you'll uncover the specific style you seek at Sears. Choose tamper-resistant anti-vandal switches for heavy-duty construction that holds up against wear and tear. Find other durable switches that are oil-tight and dust-tight, providing long life even in tough, dirty applications and conditions. Choose the maintained contact setting for on and off applications, or pick the momentary contact setting for applications that don't require a maintained actuated position. The latter works well with a time delay relay for business entrances that need the security of a constantly locked door.

Sears stocks electric switches with laser-engraved push buttons and lenses. When markings are laser-engraved, they last longer and resist wear. Users will be able to clearly see these markings, eliminating confusion and improving communication. You may also want to find illuminated switches that light up for better visibility, especially in dark settings. Discover dot and ring illumination buttons in a variety of colors to suit your various applications. From electric switches to AV switchers, we stock an assortment of essential components to suit your electronic needs.

Different projects require switches with different actuators, and we offer many varieties. Find rotary switches, great for light dimmers and other similar applications. Browse toggle switches, ideal for powering on and off a garbage disposal or for use in games. Use rocker switches to control many things around your home, including lights in various rooms or a retractable screen for a projector TV setup. No matter what task is at hand, you'll discover the right electric switch for the job when you shop Sears.

From medical equipment to the telecommunications industry to your own home, electronic switches are a must-have with many uses. From powering on and off equipment to adjusting speed or light, electric switches are essential. Whether you're a homeowner working on a DIY home improvement project, or you?re a professional who is building equipment for use in the field, find the many switches you want from great brands at Sears.