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Complete your Electrical Project with Transistors from Sears

They're in the calculator on your desk, the digital dock next to your bed and the old stereo you still sometimes snap on in the basement. They're hidden throughout your small kitchen appliances, your home theater equipment is loaded with them, and don't even venture to guess how many are packed inside your computer. Practically everything in your home uses transistor technology to affect electrical current, so Sears is always standing by with transistors you can use to keep circuits firing as they should.

They might seem like tiny, inconspicuous parts, but transistors play a prominent role in making your favorite gadgets work in faster, smarter ways. From the first home radios to modern hand-held digital devices, transistors have made technology more portable and affordable for everyone to use. These little semiconductors can start and stop electrical currents or amplify electronic signals, making it possible for engineers, repair technicians or handy do-it-yourselfers to carefully control how electricity travels throughout circuit boards that map out every electrical function. Pair transistors with diodes, capacitors and other electronics parts from Sears to form the basis of integrated circuits capable of highly complex tasks and computations.

Transistors most often serve as electronic switches, similar to TV relays or other on/off functions, except transistors can congregate in countless numbers on a single integrated circuit. The layman's term for this type of circuitry is, of course, the microchip. The more high-tech and complicated your electronics device, the more transistors it features at work. Millions of microscopic transistors constantly firing on and off powers most of the high-speed tasks your computer is designed to perform. You'll find pre-made integrated circuits in addition to individual discrete transistors when you're looking for electronics parts from Sears.

Transistors work as amplifiers in addition to serving as switches. Not to be confused with transformers which increase or decrease voltage depending on where it's needed, transistors can actually regulate large amounts of electric current using smaller amounts of voltage. Smartphones, TVs and other audio equipment use this type of transistor technology to input sound at normal levels and output it loud and clear.

Electronic techs and computer pros, find whatever you need to get the job done with transistors and integrated circuits from Sears. Hobbyists, we can help you, too, especially with discrete transistors in different shapes, sizes and materials perfect for rebuilding circuits in modern electronics or those with older technology. If you're learning circuitry from online videos and attempting to tackle a repair on your own, start by shopping Sears today for transistors and other essential electronics parts.