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Electronic Components

Upgrade gadgets with brand new electronic components

When a device fizzles out, a few electronic components can help bring it back to life. Whether you're fixing a broken flat-panel television with new fuses or installing inductors on an old appliance, certain parts help ensure that your favorite devices stay in great condition for years. Roll up your sleeves and get to work with a set of electronic parts and accessories from Sears.

Create stable circuits with electronic components like capacitors, diodes and transistors. These small parts effectively steer electricity through circuitry for a smooth, uninterrupted connection. Tinker with an old speaker and add a set of new capacitors for clearer tones or upgrade the transistors to amplify the sound. Other parts like resistors, transformers and bridge rectifiers help you work precisely while fixing homemade and store-bought electronics.

Add light and sound to your home electronics with a selection of dynamic electronic parts. You'll find pieces to restore your alarm clock with a tiny Piezo buzzer. Create a programmable buzzer for intermittent sound or add a continuous sound element that won't stop until you hit the snooze button. If you need to repair lights or displays on your devices, it's important to have the proper LED lights. Though tiny in size, these LED bulbs emit intense light for a piercing glow. Repair and customize your favorite gadgets with new electronic components from Sears.