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Play Better On-the-Go with Nintendo 3DS Accessories

When you're traveling with a Nintendo 3DS, you'll need some extras to ensure a great gaming experience. Make sure to have an extra 3DS charger in your bag so you can plug in and keep playing once the low battery signal kicks on. Hard cases are a great option if you're tossing your device into a backpack while you travel. It'll protect it from dings and scratches while moving between places. Sears has all these 3DS accessories and more.

If you're wondering which handheld gaming device is best for you, Sears can help. Learn about the differences between a 3DS vs. a PS Vita. Once you've decided on the right one, you'll have a great mobile gaming system to fill up down time in your day.

A healthy supply of Nintendo 3DS accessories will prepare you for any event. If you're someone who likes to sit down and play for a while, you'll want to grab a large comfort grip. The soft foam will give you a large area to grip that is soft and ergonomic. Therefore before you hit the road, grab all your accessories and favorite 3DS games. Sears has everything you need to game in any location.