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Nintendo 3DS

Game on-the-go with a new Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has been the king of mobile gaming for years. Their new Nintendo 3DS is the next iteration in the storied history of Nintendo handhelds. Learn the benefits of a 3DS with the help of Sears, so you can investigate its new features and functions before buying. There is a great selection of Nintendo games that will take you to fantastic new worlds. The 3-D will put the world of the game in the palms of your hands.

Shop for Nintendo 3DSs available in a variety of brilliant colors, and show off your style and personality. Want to get more at once? Find the Nintendo 3DS bundle to get you started on your mobile gaming adventure. These bundles come with a number of accessories and games that will have you gaming right out of the box. 

There are games available for the sports lover and those who want to escape to distant and future lands. Sears has the Nintendo 3DS you need to bring these gaming experiences wherever you are. Once you get back home, start up your Wii U and play on the big screen. Get all these great Nintendo handhelds and games so you play your heart out when you're out and about.