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Nintendo Dsi

Customize your Nintendo DSi with accessories and content that make it yours

Now that you have a handheld gaming device that is designed for custom individualized game play, it's time to let your individuality show. Gone are the days of passing the Nintendo DS around the family; you have a Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS of your own, and you want to make it completely, 100% yours.  The best way to do this is to maximize the features of your device and opt for few accessories that tell the world this gaming device belongs to you and no one else.

The biggest advantages of the DSi center around its ability to revolve around you. Firstly, you can listen to your own music simply by inserting an SD card loaded with your favorite tunes. That way, you can blast your favorite singer while surfing the web or modifying pictures you took with the device's two cameras. You can also download apps and games from an online Nintendo DSi store, which means your device will cater to your gaming needs and not someone else's. After all, your kid sister isn't going to want to play Ghost Recon when she'd rather be rolling in the cuteness of Nintendo Puppies.


The customization of the Nintendo DSi doesn't stop with the electronics. Nintendo and other companies have produced a huge line of protective cases and covers that reflect any kind of personality. Whether you want a simple, solid-color case or a patterned case that reflects your interests and mood, you can find exactly what you want. Additionally, you can start a collection of stylus accessories, from pens in multicolored patterns to items featuring bobbleheads. Don't forget to look for skins and stickers to decorate your device. If you plaster that thing in pink, your big brother won't come within ten feet of it, no matter how much he wants to get online and chat with his buddies.

Your DSi offers so much more than cool games. You can still buy game cards and even decorated cases to tote around the traditional games. However, online options allow you to download a new game the second you finish the old one, so that the fun never stops. Plus, if all of your memory is in use for your games, no one else can snatch up your device to download something that doesn't interest you. The individualized options of the DSi make it the perfect tool for you to get away when the rest of the family is hogging the Wii. Let Sears help you choose between the Nintendo 2DS vs. the Nintendo 3DS so you can play your heart out on the right portable gaming console.