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PlayStation 3

Enjoy an immersive gaming experience with a Playstation 3

Experience cutting-edge visuals, audio, gameplay and streaming media from the comfort of home with a new Playstation 3 in your entertainment collection. Die-hard gamers can explore a vast selection of sports, fighting, fantasy and adventure games, including award-winning console-exclusive titles. Movie buffs will have access to their entire DVD and Blu-ray collections with built-in players. If those old favorites are starting to get a little stale, wirelessly connect the PS3 console to the internet for popular movie and music streaming services. Add a powerful soundbar to your home theater for a more immersive entertainment experience.

Navigate stunning worlds and interact with teammates and competitors online with versatile Playstation 3 accessories. If you’re having friends over to check out a new game, make sure everyone can get in on the action by stocking up on enough wireless controllers. Customize your controller setup with grips, cases and charging docks. When you’re playing online, coordinate your offensive or defensive strategies with a wireless gaming headset.

Start playing right away with a PS3 bundle that features a controller, cables and even a cool new game. Whether you’re just in the mood for a new sports title or need to replace a lost power cord or video cable for connecting your console to the flat panel television, you’ll find the Playstation 3 consoles, games and accessories you need at Sears.