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Find Your True Gaming Potential with a PlayStation 3 System from Sears

Get an adrenaline rush every time you pick up the PlayStation 3 console. The PS3 system supports 1080p HD video owing to the HDMI output so that every second of your game is exciting to the core. Along with the higher definition video comes high-quality sound as well. Thanks to a Blu-ray high-definition disc drive, the PS3 can also hold more data and requires fewer discs to store games.

The PS3 controller offers you true freedom to play your PS3 games and lets you make quick moves with total comfort and convenience. Sears has the Pelican Accessories PS3 Controller to play your favorite games. A convenient USB plug allows you to pair the console with many other compatible devices.

You can also choose a number of PS3 games like the Max Payne 3 sequel for nail-biting thrills. Upgrade your setup with PS3 accessories like the CE Compass PS3 AV Cable and many more similar items.

Look at pictures and plays videos and music files that have been downloaded from the net, stored on a USB device or stream from a computer. The multimedia can be streamed to your PlayStation Portable remotely so you can enjoy content on the road using your PSP. The PS3 also supports Linux as an additional operating system, which makes it a useful tool for a variety of non-gaming purposes.

Sears has several options in accessories and games to suit your preferences. Browse through the vast collection and build your gaming world with the best there is to offer.