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PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 provides an immersive gaming experience

A new PlayStation 4 takes players on exciting new adventures without ever leaving the house. This cutting-edge console features lightning-fast processing, expandable memory and built-in WiFi capabilities. With a PS4, you'll gain access to an incredible library filled with state-of-the-art games. Whether you prefer the thrill of the racetrack or the art of combat, you'll experience realistic graphics and exciting gameplay that transport you to a different world. Upgrade your entertainment options with a new console from Sears.

Once your PS4 is plugged into a flat panel television, the adventure begins. The wireless DualShock 4 controller features comfortable controls that make playing intuitive and enjoyable. Pick up an extra controller and engage in head-to-head competition with your friends or access the internet to interact with gamers from around the world. The PlayStation 4 can also support high-definition Blu-ray discs, as well as 4K-resolution photos and video.

As you power up the console, you'll marvel at the life-like graphics and fluid, realistic motion. The PS4's innovative technology creates dynamic gameplay. Users not only will experience crystal clear graphics, but they also can connect socially with Share Play and live streams. Wear a set of headphones to enjoy pristine audio while you communicate with other players.  Enjoy a first-class gaming experience with a PlayStation 4 from Sears.