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PlayStation Vita

Get a picture-perfect handheld gaming experience with the PlayStation Vita

When it comes to handheld games, no system has the advantages of the PlayStation Vita. The system offers clear picture, great sound and a multimedia experience that can't be beat. While Nintendo has done a great job catering to the younger crowd and families, PlayStation offers a fun handheld experience for gamers who have to spend time away from home, whether it is due to work or vacation. In fact, the PlayStation Vita is like a miniature computer that can do much more than play games and surf the web. This all-in-one entertainment device can greatly reduce the weight of your carry-on bag when you use it for watching movies, playing music, surfing the web and of course, playing games.

The newest generation of PlayStation's handheld gaming devices, the PlayStation Vita is a sleek two-handed gaming device with an OLED screen in the front and a touchpad in the rear. Front and back cameras allow you to record every moment and video chat with friends, while state of the art speakers give you the full range of noises so that you can hear the deepest bass of an engine or the high pitch of a helicopter spinning overhead. Additionally, the built-in microphone gives you cross-game chat compatibility, just like you have at home on your PlayStation 3 console. And if you miss a game from your PSP, have no fear; the PlayStation Vita is backwards-compatible, allowing you to play all your old favorites as well as the shiny new games built for this high-definition handheld gaming platform. First person shooters, action games, mysteries, zombie adventures and more await the touch of your fingers on the PS Vita.

In addition to great game play, you can get a full multimedia experience on your PS Vita.  You can download any number of movies from the online store and play them immediately on your device. This way, if you get tired of gaming, you can switch gears easily without having to get up and turn on the television. You can also download and play music, so that you can have groovy tunes following you wherever you go. Since the PlayStation Vita does the work of a tablet, portable DVD player and MP3 player all in one, you can pare down the number of electronic devices you take with you when you are on the go.

The PlayStation Vita is also a highly customizable device. Instead of offering several different models with different memory capacities. PlayStation uses proprietary memory cards available in different memory capacities. This way, you only have to pay for the actual amount of memory you will use. If you decide you need more memory, you simply buy another card instead of a whole new device. Plus, your Vita allows you to customize your screensaver and preferences so that you will have everything set to what you need when you boot up your device. Your music, your movies and your games all combine to make the perfect device that works just as if it was built for you.

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