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Take your games on the go with a Sony PSP

The Sony PSP, or PlayStation Portable, was Sony's answer to the handheld gaming market, long dominated by the likes of Nintendo, who had popular systems such as the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS. Since Sony had great success with the PlayStation 2, which was the best-selling console system of all time, they thought it was about time to break into the handheld market. The PSP is a handheld gaming device that uses Universal Media Discs to play games. It is the only handheld gaming device to use discs. Most other handheld systems use cartridges or memory cards. Since the PSP uses discs, it is also one of the first systems to offer a multimedia experience, allowing users to play music and movies that are made in Universal Media Disc formats.

The PSP offers a big screen with controllers on either side. It is a simple gaming system, made for avid gamers. Thus, it doesn't have a lot of extra bells and whistles. The device will play games and movies, but does not have cameras for taking pictures and personalization. The later models of the PlayStation Portable do offer connectivity to the internet and other devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options. With the Wi-Fi option, you can choose to download games directly to your device if you don't want to mess with carrying around a bunch of discs. However, the discs are still in popular demand, since they can be used on any system that plays a Universal Media Disc. While the PSP is the only device that plays games on UMD, there are several movie players that will also play movies on UMD.

The accessories for the PSP allow you to share your individual gaming with others. A video output slot allows you to hook your PlayStation Portable up to your television, so you can get the full effect of your game on the big screen. While there are many benefits of a PS4, the PSP offers the ability to do single-player gaming either on the go or in the comfort of your home without sacrificing viewing options. The newer version of Sony portable gaming, The PlayStation Vita, does not offer a video output, nor does it play the Universal Media Discs that are so handy on your PSP. While the PlayStation Vita was meant to be the next generation in handheld gaming, there is certainly still plenty of room for the PSP to stay in business for quite a while!

Games for the PSP include old favorites, movie tie-ins and new adventures. Most favorite PlayStation franchise games are available in some sort of PSP format. You can also download older classic games from the online store to your PSP. Additionally, Universal Media Disc games and movies are still available so you can get the thrill of holding a hard copy of a game in your hands. Whether you want to buy a complete system, a few accessories or a collection of new games, Sears can get you started. Browse our selection of PSP consoles, games and accessories so you can get back to handheld gaming in no time.