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Wii U

Explore futuristic worlds with a Wii U video game console

Expand your gaming setup with a new Wii U console, games and accessories. From virtual sports and fitness challenges to high-stakes adventures and fantasy quests, Sears has Wii U games that will satisfy players of any age. Kids and adults alike will love playing updated versions of classic games and virtually interacting with their favorite characters from popular movies and shows. Get creative with games that allow you to build original worlds and design custom characters. You’ll feel like a rockstar while playing guitar riffs in a new music game. Complete your collection with multiplayer racing games and steering wheel accessories for everyone in the family.

Take gaming to a whole new level with advanced, high-definition consoles. Use these sleek, compact consoles to play exciting, cutting-edge games that are as fun as they are challenging. Get into the action with starter kits that include a console, controllers and games. Accessorize your Wii U console and gaming setup with a soundbar for crystal clear audio.

Enhance your experience with new controllers for head-to-head or solo gameplay. Use a touchscreen GamePad for gaming as well as chatting and streaming media online. Cordless remotes and accessories are ideal for sports and fitness activities. Transform your TV into an immersive gaming center with a new Wii U console, games and more from Sears.