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Enjoy collaborative and solo play with Wii games and accessories

Upgrade your gaming setup with a new Wii console, games and accessories. The powerful Wii system is optimized for displaying cutting-edge graphics while enjoying your favorite entertainment. Simply connect the console to your home’s television and get ready for excitement. Players can even take a break from gaming to chat with friends, surf the web and enjoy streaming media.

Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just like to challenge visitors to some friendly competition at get-togethers, you'll find a variety of multiplayer and single player game titles at Sears for any occasion. Go head-to-head with sports games that put your skills to the test. Racing games will have you leaning into curves as you zip through fantastical tracks, disarming rivals with fun weapons and traps. Explore new worlds with fantasy and adventure games that take place in mythical worlds full of magic and excitement.

No matter which type of game you prefer, making the most of your gaming experience requires the right accessories. Classic Wii remotes are a must for hardcore and casual players alike. The built-in motion sensing device can detect your movement as you navigate the screen. Attach a Nunchuk for even more versatility. When you're finished with your gaming session, keep wireless remotes charged for next time using a sleek docking station. Upgrade your entertainment center with a new Wii console, games and accessories from Sears.