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Xbox 360

Enjoy a cutting-edge gaming experience with the Xbox 360

The sleek Xbox 360 incorporates a variety of high-tech features that gamers will love. From the powerful console itself to the vast library of games to explore, there's no shortage of entertainment from this spectacular system. Get comfortable in front of the flat-panel television and experience exciting adventures with a new Xbox 360 from Sears.

The Xbox 360 combines form and function for powerful performance. The slim exterior contains cutting-edge technology that makes every gaming experience more impressive. Use the built-in Wi-Fi to connect to players around the world, and save your progress on the large hard drive. Take a break from your favorite games and explore Xbox LIVE to stream music, movies, TV shows and more. Even during a serious gaming session, the console will remain whisper quiet and cool to the touch.

Make the most of your new Xbox 360 with games for players of all ages. Kids will love action and adventure titles featuring their favorite characters from popular movies and TV shows. Sports fanatics will have a blast going head-to-head against rival teams. Role playing and fantasy titles require strategy and skill to complete epic quests. Enhance your gaming experience with new home theater speakers for hearing every sound clearly. Experience the magic of gaming with a new Xbox 360 from Sears.