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Create the ultimate video game experience with gaming equipment from Sears

Whether you're squaring off on the imaginary gridiron or conquering a pretend galaxy, having the right gaming equipment is necessary. Pair a video game console from Sears with a powerful set of wireless speakers to take audio to a whole new level. The latest consoles and gear can create an amazing home-theater experience. Classic films remastered for high-definition or Blu-ray will look new again thanks to crisp imaging and crystalline audio. Many of these devices can also stream new blockbuster movies, hit television shows and exclusive web content from popular apps.

Take a break from streaming media to immerse yourself in the sprawling worlds, epic stories and fantastical characters of a new video game. Hook up gaming equipment that is designed to read your body's movements and participate in interactive sports games and exercise routines designed to stay in shape. Some gear lets you communicate with friends through wireless headsets and microphones so you can chat or talk trash while playing. Continue the fun anywhere on portable consoles, accessories and apps. These devices can be used at home or whenever you're on the go.

Consoles not only are designed for playing video games, but they also allow you to indulge in music, movies and other media. These riveting home-entertainment centerpieces combine exciting features and versatile performance capabilities that put you in the driver's seat. Take the wheel and explore cutting-edge technology and entertainment with gaming equipment and video game consoles from Sears.