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Watch Everything From the Latest Hits to the Classics with a New DVD Player

With so many of your favorite movies and TV shows available on DVD, you'll need a machine that can play them back with the best picture possible. Progressive scan DVD players can deliver high-quality playback similar to HD. This will let you watch DVD movies and TV shows with quality that compares to the first time you saw them. It'll also help give classic films new life and a vibrant facelift.

3-D lovers will enjoy the wide selection of 3-D DVD players to go with their 3-D TV. These players will reproduce the depth of picture you enjoy in a 3-D theater right in the comfort of your home. Whether it's your kid's favorite film or one of yours, these players will wow everyone in the room. Mount your TV on the wall with one of the many TV wall mounts from Sears, and you'll have your screen at the perfect height to achieve the best 3-D effect for your space.

Progressive scan DVD players to pick from that can up-convert the image to get a crisp picture suited to an HDTV. If you're limited on space, find a great compact DVD player that will still output great images and be small enough for a studio apartment or dorm room. Shop at Sears for the best DVD player for your home.