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Jam Out to All Your Favorite Tunes with a CD Player

Having a top-of-the-line CD player is easier than ever. Revisit old mixes, favorite albums or toss multiple CDs into a CD changer and fill any home full of your favorite music. Whether you're looking for a stationary player or a portable model, Sears has a great selection with plenty of options. For kids, there are a number of character branded players perfect for their growing music collection. These home CD players are perfect for basements or other rooms where you don't have room for a full size stereo system.

New CD players have more functions than their older counterparts. Built-in AM/FM radios can be programmed to all your favorite stations. Sears also carries models that are capable of playing both rewritable discs, so you can burn a mix cd of your favorite MP3s.

When picking out a home CD player, one of the options that you'll need to consider are what speaker configuration is best for the space it will be in. Sears carries models with external speaker towers that can provide big sound for large rooms. Built-in speakers are optimal for bedrooms or if you prefer a more portable music experience. With the right CD player, all of your favorite songs will sound crystal clear.