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Show your Expertise in Playing Melodious Tunes with Guitars from Sears

Music is one of the best medicines to calm your mind. Listening to tunes from string instruments can be pure joy especially if you are a music enthusiast. String instruments like guitars and violins are popular among the masses. Developing a habit of playing string instruments is necessary to develop good proficiency. Moreover, playing musical instruments like banjo or dulcimer is sure to elevate the ambiance of a backyard party. Sears has a host of guitars and string instruments with modern features to help you transform into a professional artist.

Sears is a Storehouse of String Instruments

Sears has a massive range of guitars and string instruments of all types. We also have accessories that can improve the functionality of your guitar. Categorizing musical instruments based on color and types will make shopping simple and easy. You can explore the following string instruments before making a selection:

Acoustic Guitars

We have Rogue SO-069-RAG-WL Starter Acoustic Guitar and Donner Left Handed Acoustic Guitar Kit, which are available in attractive colors. Durably constructed with lightweight materials, they deliver a rich, deep sound which is pleasing on your ears.


This string instrument features a thin membrane stretched over a frame or cavity. We offer Jameson Guitars 5-String Banjo Guitar and Jameson Guitars 6-String Left Handed Banjo Guitar that are known for making the classic Americana sound.


For any kid wishing to learn to play violin, we have the Branded 1/8 Kids Acoustic Violin to help them get started with musical lessons. You may choose the Branded Musical 1/8 Size Acoustic Violin for adults. Both these violins come with accessories like bow, case and more.

Electric Guitars

Sears has a huge range of electric guitars that come with all the essentials like AC cord and case. The Silvertone 1478BK Classic 1478 Reissue Electric Guitar and Davison Guitars 39" Full Size Electric Guitar have plenty of accessories to enable you to begin your guitar learning sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a string instrument?

It is any instrument in which you have to vibrate the strings to produce musical tunes. Some examples of string instruments are the violin, viola, cello, double bass, and harp.

What are the various types of guitars?

We generally find that the guitars are classified into three types, namely classical, acoustic, and electric. Each of these models usually has six strings or sometimes even seven or more. The thickness of each string is different to help produce varying sounds.

How is an acoustic guitar different from a classic guitar?

An acoustic and a classical guitar differ in the type of strings used. Classical guitars feature nylon strings in contrast to steel strings on an acoustic guitar. Nylon strings produce a mellow, softer sound than steel strings, thanks to its greater thickness.

What is the best guitar for a beginner?

Playing guitar to produce nerve-soothing tunes is a matter of great practice. Therefore, beginners find it hard to play manual guitars because it requires great hand skill. The best option for newbies is an electric guitar. The electric model is a classic blend of tradition and modernity.