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Enjoy your Music Collection on High-Fidelity Turntables

Listen to all your favorite records and more on retro or modern turntables. If you consider yourself a purist, you can find manual record players at Sears that produce beautiful sound playing nothing but vinyl. Hook the turntable up to a powerful audio receiver and compatible speakers before setting the needle in the groove.

Many turntables include cutting-edge options for playing contemporary mediums, including cassettes, CDs, MP3s and more. USB turntables can even help you digitize your analog music collection. Simply hook the unit up to your desktop computer and convert your favorite songs and albums into versatile digital files that you can enjoy on any compatible device.

While record players are powerful enough to impress even the most demanding audiophiles, they're also easy to use and look great in any room of the house. Match a rustic aesthetic with vintage-inspired players that feature wooden casing and an impressive sound horn. Minimalists and DJs will appreciate the sleek looks and versatility of professional turntables that can be paired with a variety of amplifiers and speakers for a customizable look and feel. From noise-cancelling headphones to recording studio gear to cables and accessories, Sears has the audio equipment and accessories you need to get the most from your turntable. Play records at a gig or from the comfort of your living room with timeless turntables.