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Home Theater & Audio



Create an immersive home theater for all your favorite films

With a high-quality home theater system, you'll be able to enjoy all your favorite movies the way they were meant to be seen. A great surround sound system will engulf everyone in a 360-degree sound experience. Every creak of a haunted house in a horror film or the roar of the crowd during the game will fill the space, and bring the world of your favorite entertainment into your home. Pair a surround sound system with an HDTV to get an amazing theatrical experience.

Wireless surround sound systems are the perfect way to streamline your audio setup. Place the speakers in their optimal position with the help of speaker stands. Without wires to get in the way, it will be even easier to get all the speakers set up in the optimal location.

You can find plenty of audio options that will fill your home with music. Whether it's a simple CD player or a karaoke machine so you can sing your heart out, Sears carries all the top brands of audio gear from Bose to Samsung. Movie nights are even more fun when your living room feels like a theater that's just a few steps away. Pop a bag of popcorn, throw in a DVD and enjoy the great sound of a new home theater.