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Wear your Tech with a New Smart Watch

Wearable technology is on the rise, and the next step is the smart watch. With the ability to access apps, make phone calls and a variety of other functions, these watches will do more than just update you on the time. Sears carries a number of Samsung smart watches that can easily pair with most Android-operated phones. They can be paired with Bluetooth technology, just like wireless keyboards, to access your phone's data seamlessly.

Along with the ability to access apps, these watches can make phone calls and even snap pictures. With a built-in camera, you won't have to dig through your pocket or bag to get your phone, potentially missing that perfect shot. When a call comes in, the watch will light up, and you can answer with the press of one button. Voice commands provide hands-free navigation of your watch, so you can answer an email, text or call with your voice.

Using various sensors, your smart watch can keep track of your exercise. Preinstalled heart monitors will let you accurately track your heart rate while at the gym. Sears has a wide selection of smart watches with a number of different functions. Get a smart watch to match your lifestyle.