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Whether it's the latest in cell phone technology you're after or you need a phone for home use, Sears has a large selection of phones from all carriers and manufacturers. Instead of hitting several different stores, make a single trip and find phones that suit each one of your needs, from cordless to corded to smart phones that handle many of your daily tasks. You know Sears is a trusted name in home goods, so why not make your next phone purchase from a retailer that delivers value and variety?

Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are some of today's most popular cell phone providers. You can find all of them and more right here. Cordless phones make it simple to continue your conversation anywhere in your home, whether you're by the pool while the kids splash around or in the kitchen whipping up a fantastic dinner. Multiple handsets make sure one is always available, so assign one to the teens if necessary, and save the rest for yourself. If you need a corded version for the garage or patio, we carry those as well. With our selection of answering machines, you'll never miss an important message again, whether you're only gone for the day or you're out of town for several weeks.

Smart phones make your life easier amid the breakneck pace of work, school and extracurricular activities. We carry sought-after models like the iPhone and Android along with several other brand names. With so many options in one place, feel free to comparison shop to choose the best phone for you. We're also the retailer that lets you purchase a contract and upgrade your account while you're here. Once you have the perfect phone picked out, shop our phone accessories like cases and chargers. We also carry plenty of accessories for home phones, including everything from extra cords to phone jacks.

Although many of today's cell phones make it easy to snap pictures without investing in a separate camera, many people still prefer the excellent picture-taking qualities that a digital camera provides. However, if convenience and ease are what you're after, the various cell phones available at Sears makes it simple to find a device that multitasks. Whether you prefer prepaid options or unlocked phones, we help you compare different brands before buying. With a range of price points and features, anyone can find the perfect model here.

Sears is known for electronics, including everything from phones to televisions to stereos. Now you can find phones that fit your unique needs all in one place. Make sure you always stay connected to your business or family, whether you want a landline or cell phone that does everything from keep appointments to remind you of important birthdays. No matter where you fall on the technology scale, we have the right products designed to make your life easier.