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Stay in touch with a new cell phone or landline phone for your home or office

Phones make it easy to stay in touch with colleagues, family and friends. Sears has versatile landline models, VoIP devices and smartphones to meet your communication needs.

Take calls, entertainment and information just about anywhere with a new cell phone and the right accessories. These lightweight, handheld devices can connect to everything from fitness activity trackers to the smart appliances throughout your home. A comfortable headset allows you to talk and listen to music handsfree. To keep track of calls, texts and emails throughout the day without having to take the smartphone out of your pocket, try using a smartwatch and compatible smartwatch accessories. 

Use smartphones on the go with car kits, portable chargers and long-lasting batteries. A quality case or cover helps prevent damage to the body and screen. Car mounts and docks make it easy to use your smartphone as an alternative to a standard car GPS system.

Avoid the hassle of dropped calls at home with landline phones and essential accessories like jacks and adapters. If you live in an area with limited cellular reception, a corded or cordless landline keeps you in touch with family, friends and emergency services. VoIP models transmit calls using your existing internet connection and don’t require a subscription to a traditional telephone network. Stay connected with a new cell phone, landline phone and phone accessories from Sears.