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Find Karaoke Machines from Sears to Liven Any Party

Have friends and family perform at your parties with a karaoke machine. It's easy to find popular and classic songs that everybody can follow and sing along to. Many new machines allow you to use songs from MP3 players, download music from the Internet or use tracks from an existing DVD or CD. With so many ways to find songs, it's easy to keep the collection up to date.

Some models allow you to record performances. The day after a party, you'll be able to share recorded songs with everyone that attended. Play songs back out loud right on the karaoke speakers or listen quietly with headphones to review recordings without an audience.

These machines not only are great for parties, but they also are great for children. Allow your kids to shine by singing and reading lyrics. Your little ones can sing songs from movies and artists they love. For musically inclined children, karaoke systems can help them start experimenting with vocals and sound before taking formal lessons or learning an instrument in school. Music can make a party or family time fun. Whether you value sound quality, portability or access to your music library, Sears carries karaoke machines that meet your needs.