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Stay in Contact in the Great Outdoors with Two-Way Radios from Sears

Whether you spend weekends out in the wilderness or prefer to stay closer to the comforts of civilization, you should have at least one set of two-way radios on hand. Walkie talkies and flashlights should be a part of any emergency kit when you're exploring the hiking trail. Even around the house, these devices can be literal life savers during power outages or emergency weather conditions. They make coordinating efforts between individual home improvement projects anywhere on your property easier and more efficient.

A set of two-way radios with a long range is essential for safety and should be brought along on camping and hunting trips with other outdoor survival gear. Sears has multi-channel walkie talkies that range over 25 miles. Some models even feature weather alert settings for when cell phone service is unreliable or unavailable. There are even hands-free models that are voice activated, sending communication to other radios in your set without having to push a button. These types of radios can come in handy when your hands are tied on a camping trip or doing yard work.

When you aren't out camping or using your walkie talkies to keep in touch during a power outage, don't forget that they can also be fun for playing with the kids. Be prepared for an emergency or outdoor adventure with a set of two-way radios from Sears.