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Connect Various Electronic Devices with International and Plug Converters from Sears

Traveling is bound to be troublesome if you are not in a position to use electronic gadgets and devices. In a world where we are extensively connected with smartphones, it is hard to imagine a scenario where we cannot use a phone just because we are away from home. Smart devices require a supply of power at regular intervals, and this is precisely what plug converters are meant to do. Also known as a travel adapter or power adapter, it allows you to connect your electronic gadgets to different types of electrical outlets. The electrical outlets tend to vary across countries with respect to plug shapes, sizes, and voltage requirements. This problem of catering to differing electrical specifications is overcome by using a plug converter. Sears has all the electrical assortment which will enable you to power up all kinds of electric appliances and components.

Working of a Plug Converter

A plug converter typically features a male plug that fits into the outlet of the destination country and a female socket that matches the plug of your device. In order to ensure compatibility, it essentially adapts the physical connection between the plug and the socket. It is pertinent to note that a plug converter only adapts the physical connection, not the voltage or electrical frequency. Since the electrical systems can differ from country to country, you might also need a voltage converter or transformer if your device operates on a different voltage or frequency. When you opt for plug converters or voltage converters, please follow the manufacturer's instructions and exercise caution to avoid electrical hazards or damage to your devices.

Types of Plug Converters

As stated earlier, there are myriad types of plug converters available, each designed to accommodate different plug shapes and sizes used in various countries. Here are some common types of plug converters:

Type A/B Converter - This is most commonly used in North America and Japan. It helps convert the Type A plug to Type B plugs, which have a current and voltage rating of 15A and 125V, respectively. Types B plugs are found in various countries including Canada, Mexico and more.

Type C Converter - This is predominantly used in Europe, South America, and Asia. This converter is used to convert the electric component to a Type C plug, which is popularly known as the Europlug.

These are a variety of plug converters available with Sears, which can match specific plug types used in different countries. When purchasing a plug converter, it is essential to ensure that it supports the plug type of the country you intend to visit. Some plug converters are multi-purpose and can handle multiple plug types, offering greater versatility. In addition, you can also browse through our entire collection of chargers, connectors, voltage converters, adapters, transformers and varied electrical accessories. Snag the best plug converter and never run out of power!