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Power & Chargers

Keep the power flowing and your electronics working with power and chargers accessories

A top-notch entertainment center is no good if you can't turn it on. Kmart has all the power and chargers accessories you need to get your TV set up and running. Protect your expensive television or TV projector investment with surge suppressors from Belkin, Tripp Lite and Omni Smart. By regulating the amount of power that can exit your home's outlets, surge suppressors stand as the first line of defense between delicate electronics and lighting strikes or power grid irregularities. These suppressors aren't just good for TVs; they also provide vital protection to floor lamps and other lighting appliances, ensuring that your house won't go dark in the storm.

Connectors are used to join two different cables, or a cable to an electronic device. Whether you're setting up a new television or replacing old, worn-out cables, these parts are indispensable to a properly functioning entertainment center. It's extremely annoying to have a loose connector fall out during a gripping movie or tense sports match, so make sure those connections are tight with top-quality cable connectors from Alphaline, Phillips, Hosa and OEM Systems.

International plug converters are indispensable if you're the traveling type. When you're on the road or in the air, you can count on Travelsmart by Conair converters to work every time. You won't miss a single teleconference call or vital email, because the all-in-1 capability of the Travelsmart converter lets you top off your laptop, cellphone or BlackBerry battery in most commonly visited countries. Not only does it provide power, but this converter also boasts a built-in circuit breaker which cuts the flow of power in the event of a spike. Your electronics will be as safe as they are at home with this vital and handy traveling accessory.