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Keep your Electronics Connected with AV Switchers from Sears

Technology evolves so quickly it can be tough to keep up with the latest and greatest innovations. It's not unusual to keep older audio and video equipment or video game consoles long after they've stopped being cutting edge. With electronic outputs being at a premium, AV switchers and A/B switches from Sears can allow you the flexibility of having multiple machines hooked up simultaneously. When you want to shift from a VCR to your 64-bit game system, you simply flip a switch and start playing. You can find similar technology pplied to cable TV.

Getting cable or satellite TV in multiple rooms usually means finding a way to get the signal from the dish or main cable feed to the cable boxes or TVs throughout the house. Rather than set up a separate dish or feed for each room, signal splitters are used to take the external signal from its outside source and parcel it out to all the other rooms. Cable couplers may also be utilized to connect shorter lengths of cable to each other in order to reach greater distances. In houses and office buildings with a computer network, a KVM switch may prove effective for controlling multiple computers by means of a single keyboard, video monitor and mouse.

Specialized cables offer distinct applications in today's wired world. More sophisticated TVs require a video signal to be split into three color components to display improved color saturation for a more vibrant picture. The use of component video cables versus traditional three-part composite cables will make a noticeable difference in the ultimate picture quality.

Maximizing your signals is a big step toward getting the most out of audio-visual and computer equipment. Look for high-quality cables and wires that are rated for solid data transfer rates and shielded from external interference. When hooking up your flat panel TV, HDMI and component cables will both provide fabulous pictures, but don't forget about the sound. Pay the same attention to the quality of the TV audio cables as you do to the video connections and you will be treated to a balanced performance.

What we ultimately see and hear from our AV equipment and computer systems depends as much on our connections as the primary hardware. When you put together an entertainment center or computer network, connect all the components with cables that are of the same quality or greater. Clean signals are a big part of getting the best performance from your equipment, and Sears is the place to go for the top names in multimedia wiring.