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Enjoy Optimal Viewing Experience in a Conference Hall with Projector Screens & Accessories from Sears

Getting a captivating visual experience in meeting rooms is extremely vital as it helps display important charts, and conduct presentations. Likewise, if you wish to setup a home theater, then you would ideally want clarity, brightness, and overall quality of projected images to be enhanced. One such electronic equipment that provides great image quality is the projector. On the other hand, a projector screen offers a smooth, optimized surface for projection. It helps the projected light to reflect back uniformly for maximum visibility. Wall and ceiling mounts or floor stands are required for installing a projector screen. These projector accessories not only provide stability and flexibility, but also pave the way for seamless positioning of the screen for optimal viewing angles.

Components of a Projector Setup

Projection Screens - Projector screens are available in various types, such as fixed frame screens, motorized screens, manual pull-down screens, portable projector screens, and tripod screens. Each of these is meant to serve a specific environment. Let us explore them in brief:

Fixed Frame Screens - These are supposed to be mounted on a rigid frame. By offering a flat and taut surface for projection, they provide a consistently smooth image. Fixed frame screens are perfect for dedicated home theaters or conference rooms.

Motorized Screens - Motorized screens comprise an electric motor to enable them to be raised or lowered as per the requirement. You may use a remote control or wall switch to control these screens. They find extensive use in multi-purpose rooms where the screen could either be hidden or revealed.

Manual Pull-Down Screens - Manual pull-down screens are supported by a retractable mechanism, so that the screen can be pulled down when needed and rolled up post usage. These easy to use screens are mostly used in classrooms, small home theaters, and places where there are budget constraints.

Portable Screens - These are lightweight alternatives which are designed for easy transport and setup. Equipped with a tripod stand or a folding frame, these portable screens enable stability. Portable screens are popular for mobile presentations like outdoor movie nights, or situations where flexibility and portability are important.

Inflatable Screens - Inflatable screens are huge screens that can be inflated to set up for outdoor events or large gatherings. They offer a portable and immersive viewing experience, and are often used for movie nights, sports events, or concerts.

Projector Accessories

Projector Mounts - They come in two types, namely ceiling mounts and wall mounts. Ceiling mounts come with a mounting plate, adjustable arms, and a ball joint that enables various adjustments. The wall mounts feature adjustable arms or extension poles to achieve the desired projection distance and angle.

Projector Brackets & Ceiling Kits - The projector brackets offer a secure and stable attachment point for the projector, and make use of a three- or four-point mounting system. Suspended ceiling kits come in handy when a projector needs to be mounted within a suspended or drop ceiling.

Sears has plenty of top-rated projectors from best-selling brands like Epson, Sony, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Hitachi and more. We have all kinds of LCD projectors, LED projectors, and DLP projectors and related accessories to help complete your office room or home theater. Browse through a diverse range of electronic equipment to upgrade your home.