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TV Accessories

Create a customized viewing experience with new television accessories

Television accessories can turn an ordinary living room setup into the home theater of your dreams. Whether searching for a high-tech projection TV lamp or just a replacement remote control, TV accessories enhance your home entertainment experience. Kick back with a great movie or television show and the convenience of brand-new accessories from Sears.

Basic TV accessories can help streamline your setup and viewing experience when installing new equipment. Mount a new flat-panel television on the wall with a TV bracket that tilts and swivels for the ideal viewing angle. Add a TV screen protector for added defense against smudges and smears, or use a specialized cleaning product to wipe away any stray fingerprints. Plug into a surge protector for access to power and add a TV antenna for a clear signal.

Once setup is complete, customize your new TV with the latest technology. Add a set of 3D TV glasses to take advantage of eye-popping graphics on a compatible television, or install a projection TV lamp into a projector to create larger-than-life media displays in your own home. Specialty accessories like wireless adaptors and streaming media players open up new options on the big screen. Don't forget a deluxe remote control that can flip from cable to consoles to apps with just the click of a button. Streamline your home entertainment experience with new television accessories from Sears.