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Watch Digital TV with the Help of a Digital Converter Box

The advent of digital cable has resulted in all stations shifting to digital TV (DTV). If you're still using an antenna and a TV that can only receive analog signals, a digital converter box will be needed to continue watching TV. When you're not ready to make the jump to a digital set such as a plasma TV, these boxes will let you continue watching most programs. Make sure to check that you choose a converter that is compatible with the TV you own.

Whether you're using an antenna or cable to receive a television signal, you need a converter box will be needed if you have an analog-only TV. Setting up an old tube TV in the basement is a great way to repurpose an analog set. Sears carries converter boxes that will let you keep getting use out of any TV. These converter boxes are from top brands, like RCA. Get the most out of your TV investment with a DTV tuner that will bring your old set up to date.

With the right TV stand, you'll have enough shelf space to store this box next to your game console or DVD player. Sears has the digital TV converters and other TV accessories that you'll need to watch all the shows you love. Pick one up and keep enjoying hours of entertainment.