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Receive your Favorite Channels in Any Location with a TV Antenna

Whether you watch TV sparingly or tend to stream a lot of movies, a TV antenna is the perfect way to watch shows without a cable contract. Sears has both small indoor models, as well as large outdoor TV antennas for low signal areas. There are two types of antenna that receive different signals. A rabbit ears antenna will grab the VHF channels, but this will need to be combined with a wire loop antenna to get the UHF channels. Pick up the right one for your needs and a universal remote so you can watch the channels you like.

The two main types of TV antenna are indoor and outdoor. Outdoor TV antennas are made to receive TV signals in low strength areas. Many are motorized and can be rotated with the push of a button to achieve a better signal. Indoor TV antennas are much smaller and perfect for strong signal areas. They come in single antenna or combination units to strengthen the type of signals they receive. A combination model is best for those looking for a wide breadth of channels.

Sears has a wide variety of antennas to choose from that will help to view a number of different channels. Get a digital TV antenna and a new TV and start watching a variety of programs today.