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Upgrade your Entertainment Setup with TV & Video Accessories from Sears

We are living in the age of technology where there are plenty of sources of entertainment. All electronic devices and gadgets are supported by accessories that enhance their functionality. There are several aspects associated with a TV set, such as audio and video quality, and compatibility with other devices. In order to help enhance the capability of your entertainment system, you require TV and video accessories like connecting cables, wall mounts, sound bars or sound systems, tuners, converters and more. All these TV parts provide more entertainment options to enable you to create a home theater. It is pertinent to remember that each accessory you require may vary depending on the type of device, and the enhancements you seek for your TV setup.

Categories of TV & Video Accessories

TV & Video Cables - Connecting various components or devices to an entertainment system is crucial for transmitting audio and video signals of the highest quality. Each TV or video accessory might require a different type of cable for connectivity. There are various types of cables like HDMI cables, component video cables, composite video cables, Audio/Video cables (AV cables), coaxial cables, Ethernet cables, and USB cables. In recent times, HDMI cables are preferred because they are capable of transmitting high-definition signals. However, some older devices may require alternative cables.

TV Antennas - Receiving over-the-air broadcast signals is possible only with a high quality antenna. This TV essential enables you to access free local channels without the need for a cable or satellite subscription. It operates by capturing the signals transmitted by broadcasting towers and converting them into a format suitable for your TV.

TV Mounts & Brackets - Securing your TV set to a wall or ceiling is taken care of by TV mount and brackets. Opt for TV wall mounts instead of using stands or cabinets, if you prefer to mount a gadget on walls. Wall mounts can be classified based on their supporting functions like fixed, tilting, and full-motion mounts. TV brackets hold the device in place, whereas the mounts provide a perfect viewing angle.

3D TV Glasses - These are compatible with only 3D televisions. They help in creating the illusion of depth and dimension in the displayed images.

TV Screen Protectors & Cleaners - These protect the screen of your television to maintain the visual quality of display and ward off scratches, dust, and fingerprints. Make sure to use prescribed protectors and cleaners for best results.

TV Replacement Parts - Most TV parts require parts and components from compatible brands or original equipment manufacturer brands. This will help restore the functionality of your TV set.

Sears has plenty of TV and video accessories that allow you to immerse in the world of colors from the comfort of your home. We have DTV tuners and converters, satellite systems, remote controls and several other TV and video components that elevate the serviceability of your small screen. Some of the most preferred brands like Samsung, HQRP, Sony, LG, Panasonic and many more sell their merchandise with us. Rest assured that we offer exclusive products at offer prices to elevate your shopping experience.