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What is CCA?
CCA or Cold Cranking Amps is the battery's capacity to deliver starting power to a vehicle. The higher the CCA rating, the more power the battery is able to provide.
What is RC?
RC or Reserve Capacity is the battery's capacity to provide power without the use of the vehicle's charging system. If you leave your lights on or listen to your car stereo with the key off, you are using the battery's Reserve Capacity. The higher the RC rating, the longer the battery will last under these conditions.
How do I determine the age of my battery?
A decal placed on the side of all DieHard batteries provides the month and year each battery was shipped from the plant. The letter corresponds with the month, starting with “A” for January, “B” for February etc. The number represents the year with “7” standing for 2007. For example, A/7 would be January 2007.
When should I replace my car battery?
Even if your battery appears fine, you should replace it before the 4th winter season of use. Cold temperatures can reduce your battery's ability to perform at its peak.
What are the most common causes of premature car battery failures?
Electrolyte loss accounts for over 50% of car battery failures. Under hood heat and overchaging are the two major causes of electrolyte loss. Other common causes for car battery failure include:
- Leaving your lights on
- Misapplication or using an undersized battery
- Undercharging or loose alternator belts
- Excessive vibration (due to a loose hold down clamp)
- Corrosion on battery terminals and/or cable(s)
How do I jumpstart my vehicle?
First, connect the positive (+) booster cable to the positive terminal of the discharged battery. Then, connect the other end of the positive (+) cable to the positive terminal of the assisting battery. Connect the negative (-) cable to the negative terminal of the assisting battery. Make the final connection of the negative (-) cable to the engine block of the stalled vehicle, away from the battery. Start vehicle and remove cables in reverse order of connections.
How does the limited warranty work?
If your battery fails to hold a charge after the free replacement period has expired, you will be given a credit towards the purchase of a new DieHard battery. The amount of credit is determined by a formula based on the length of time, in months, that you have owned the battery.
Does Sears install batteries?
Yes, for a nominal charge, Sears will install your new battery and check the vehicle's electrical system to ensure you will get years of hassle free starts from your new battery.
Can Sears help if my vehicle has a "Difficult Battery Installation"?
Yes. Sears ASE certified technicians install batteries on most labor intensive applications. Call your local Sears Auto Center for details.
What are the differences between DieHard, DieHard Gold and DieHard Platinum?
The differences are power and warranty. DieHard has great power and an 18-month warranty. DieHard Gold has superior power and a 3-year warranty. And DieHard Platinum is the most powerful and reliable battery with the longest warranty, 4 years. Your first step is to look up your vehicle using the DieHard fitment guide to see what choices are available for your vehicle.
What are the differences between North and South designs?
Whether hot or cold, temperature extremes cause specific stresses on automotive batteries. This is why Sears is one of a few retailers to offer climate-specific batteries. Extreme cold climates require a battery with more power to start cold engines. DieHard batteries for the Northern US are designed to provide the extra power needed to start an engine in the frigid winter months. See climate map for Northern US.
Heat and vibration are two of the leading causes of premature battery failure. In the Southern US, many DieHard batteries are designed with internal components that stand up to damaging heat. No matter where you live you can count on Sears to offer the battery that will give you the longest life for your climate. See climate map for Southern US.
Why should I buy a DieHard SUV, Truck & Van battery versus a DieHard Gold?
Vibration can often cause premature battery failure. The DieHard SUV, Truck & Van battery is designed to withstand the added vibration from rougher riding vehicles like SUVs, trucks and vans. If you occasionally do some off-roading, then this battery is also for you.
Are DieHard Marine/RV deep-cycle batteries really different
from regular DieHard automotive batteries?
Yes. Deep-cycle batteries are designed to withstand the constant charge and discharge cycles that are tough on a battery. Using specially designed internal components, these batteries provide longer discharge cycles giving you more power to run trolling motors or accessories in your RV.
How do the various DieHard Marine/RV deep-cycle batteries differ?
The main differences are physical size and capacity. Sears offers three sizes of DieHard Marine/RV batteries that vary by length. If you have space constraints, be sure to measure the length of your space before selecting your replacement battery. If space is not an issue, then choose the battery with the capacity that fits your needs. Remember that the bigger the battery, the larger the capacity.
When activating a DieHard PowerSport battery, what amount of charge time is required to complete the process?
Charging time can differ depending on the size of the battery for your application. Refer to the DieHard Owners Manual for charging details or call your local Sears Auto Center for assistance.
What are the differences between the DieHard and DieHard Gold PowerSport batteries?
Unlike the DieHard, the DieHard Gold PowerSport battery offers the following:
- Sealed design eliminates spilling and allows for installation in any position.
- Pre-measured acid with “Easy Pour Bottle” eliminates guesswork when filling your battery.
- Compressed plate packs protect against damage due to vibration.
- 9 month “Free Replacement Limited Warranty”.
Can I special order PowerSport batteries?
Yes. Not on the shelf, no problem. You can simply call your local Sears
Auto Center for assistance
After filling my PowerSport battery with acid, is it ready for use?
No. DieHard PowerSport batteries require an initial charge before being placed into service. See your DieHard owners manual for charging instructions or call your local Sears Auto Center for assistance.
What information do I need to determine which Powersport battery fits my application?
By providing your vehicle's year, make, model and engine size, Sears can determine the battery that best fits your application.
How do I maintain my PowerSport battery during periods of nonuse?
Extend the life of you battery by using the DieHard Fully Automatic Battery Charger/Maintainer. It's great for motorcycle, lawn tractor, ATV, and snowmobile size batteries and to maintain larger car, RV, boat, deep-cycle, antique and classic car batteries. The Charger/Maintainer includes: 50 amp battery clamps, 12V accessory plug and permanent ring connectors for fast, easy charging every time.
DieHard: Brand History and Facts
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