UNIIOON Nano Sparkle Cloth for Car Scratches, Upgrade Nano Magic Car Scratch Remover Cloth with Scratch Repair and Water Polishing, Car

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Nano Sparkle Cloth for Car Scratch Our car scratch remover advanced nano repair technology, which can not only remove scratches, but also restore the original color of the car paint. Features: Adopt advanced nanotechnology Scratch and remove scratches easily Protect car paint surface and restore surface gloss Remove oxide scale and decontamination Can be reused 10-15 times Suitable for most cars Nano magic cloth can safely, quickly and effectively remove scratches on the paint surface of cars through ultra-microfiber and nanotechnology. Nano sparkle cloth for car scratches contains emulsifiers, lubricants, emollients, polishes and minerals to eliminate fine scratches, wax circles and oxide layers and faded paint. The car scraping cloth with safe formula and nanotechnology is non-irritating, non-toxic, non-corrosive and will not stain the car paint surface. Whether your car is a black car to a female pink car, we can quickly repair stains and scratches and make your car create bright colors. Car Scratches Repair Cloth For Light Car Scratches WARNING: 1. Do not use the cloth with water, Keep it out of reach of children. 2. It should be first used in a small area to test for compatibility. 3. If the nano cloth scratch remover falls on the ground and sticks to dust and sand, please do not use it again to avoid 2 scratches. 4.For black or close-to-dark color vehicles, use them in unobvious locations, and use them after confirming that there is no color difference. Huge scratches that cannot be repaired

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