Vredestein Tire Vredestein Pinza AT LT 235/85R16 Load E 10 Ply A/T All Terrain

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Vredestein Pinza AT

The Vredestein Pinza AT is an all terrain, all season tire manufactured for SUVs and light trucks. The tire offers great all season traction thanks to the detailed footprint and durable compound. The groove pattern avoids hydroplaning and keeps the footprint clean at all times. Stone retention is avoided in the same manner. The aggressive tread elements enable the tire's on- and off-road traction, optimizing its performance. Controllability and maneuvering are guaranteed with the tire's consistent surface contact. Its strengthened construction does not deform under load pressure. The Pinza AT promotes high driving comfort levels during its on-road drive, as the tread design negates sound waves.


  • All Terrain Tire – The aggressive computer-optimized footprint offers excellent soft, loose, and uneven terrain and on-road traction.
  • Self-cleaning Tread – The zigzag grooves and staggered elements keep the footprint clean and avoid stone retention as well.
  • All Season Tire – The detailed tread design and all season compound boost dry, wet, and winter traction, while avoiding hydroplaning.
  • Quiet Tire – The tire features a multi-pitch pattern that negates sound waves from reaching the vehicle's cabin, offering a quiet drive.
  • Durability – The reinforced internal structure maintains the ideal tire shape at all times, optimizing its load and driving durability.
  • Handling – The stable footprint enables the tire's surface contact improving steering responsiveness and driving stability at all times.

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Item# : A119132489
Model # :
  • Product Overview:

    • Item Weight :
      46.0000 (lbs.)

  • Sizing:

    • Tire Size:

  • Design:

    • Sidewall Treatment:

    • Stud Capability:

  • Speed Ratings:

    • Speed Rating:

  • Size:

    • Aspect Ratio:

    • Rim Diameter:

    • Section Width:

  • Specifications:

    • Load Index:

    • Maximum Cold Pressure :
      80 (psi)

    • Maximum Load in lbs.:

    • Overall Diameter :
      31.7 (in.)

    • Tread Depth in inches:

    • Treadlife:

    • Treadwear Grade:

    • Tire Performance Grade:
      Extreme Performance

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