yuchengtech siphon syphon coffee maker tabletop glass siphon pot glass technica syphon coffee maker siphon vacuum coffee make

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1.?Note?? If the product you receive is damaged, flawed, slightly chromatic aberration, etc., please feel free to contact us, we will replace the new product for you free of charge! ! | 2.?Material?? The upper and lower pots of the siphon pot are made of high-temperature resistant borosilicate glass, which can withstand a temperature difference of of -30?-180?, high temperature resistance and crack resistance. | 3.?Compatible base?? Large-angle stainless steel base, good stability, durable, and compatible with a variety of heating equipment, such as: alcohol lamp, halogen beam heater burner, gas stove, etc. | 4.?Buffer clamp?? Buffer the pressure of the connecting clamp, protect the lower pot from being clamped, prevent slippage and fall, and the tightness of the connecting clamp can be adjusted, which can enhance stability and make it safer to use. | 5. ?Tips?? Before heating, wipe the lower pot with a dry towel to ensure that there is no water drop on the outside.When inserting the upper pot, push it down tightly to ensure tightness.When pulling up the upper pot, hold the handle of the lower pot with your left hand.

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