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      Wall Air Conditioners

      There's nothing like air conditioning to stay comfortable on a hot day. If you need to cool a room that has no windows and you don't have central air conditioning, a wall air conditioner is the perfect solution. An in-wall AC unit provides efficient cooling for a room or a large space and does so with little noise. Sears carries a wide selection of wall air conditioning units with a variety of BTU outputs to provide cool comfort in most any size room. Some models also provide heat to offer you interior comfort year round without the need for a separate heater.

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      Stay cool in any room with a wall air conditioner from Sears

      If the mercury on the thermometer outside starts to climb and you don't have central air conditioning, you can still stay cool and comfortable. While window air conditioners are a great option for many people, if you need to cool a room that has no windows, a wall air conditioner is an excellent solution. Sears offers a wide variety of through-the-wall air conditioners so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

      The unit size you need is dependent upon the size your room. If you select one that's too big for the space, you'll be using excess energy and wasting money. On the other hand, if the air conditioner is too small, it won't effectively cool your room. Knowing the dimensions of your space before selecting an air conditioner is essential.

      In-wall air conditioners are a more permanent solution for climate control than portable air conditioners because they fit into a galvanized steel sleeve for secure, weather-tight installation. Many in-wall ACs have features such as programmable timers, remote controls and digital thermostats to help make it simple to keep the temperature just right. In addition, some wall-mounted air conditioners also serve as heaters so you can make the most of your investment and put them to good use all year round.


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