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Get the specialty camera cables you need for your camera or camcorder at Sears

When you purchase a new camcorder or SLR camera, you might notice you need a specialty camera cable if you're going to view your video or photos on your PC or TV or you discover the cable that comes with your camera doesn't work with your tablet. Purchasing cables and other accessories for your camera can be confusing, especially with all the jargon that's used. Sears makes it easy but providing the specialty camera cables you need for the type of camera or camcorder you have.

Ask yourself what you hope to get out of using your camcorder or camera. Whether it's to view family photos on digital picture frames, complete an HD video for a work project that will be uploaded to the internet, or watch home movies on your home theater system, there's a specialty camera cable for you. Find camcorder cables so you can transfer your images and videos onto your computer and cherish forever.

Many video cameras use simple camera or video USB cables that plug into your computer. These are the plugs you see on your side of your laptop or computer that are rectangular in shape. USB cables are very simple to use, and will allow you to plug your video camera or still camera into your computer or other device so you can upload your videos or photos to view them, edit them or use them in your projects. USB cables that have a "mini" plug on the other end can be used with phones, for instance, to download videos to your tablet or to transfer photos from your SLR camera to your computer for viewing.

HDMI cables allow you to take source video or audio, such as something you shot on your HD camcorder, and connect it to an output device like your home theater system or laptop. Before HDMI cables came out, it took numerous analog cables to accomplish this transmission. You might remember the multiple plug-ins on the back of your old television but HDMI cables simplify this for you, and at the same time allow you to take advantage of the crystal-clear HD format.

AC adaptors, car adaptors and wall chargers are also commonly used specialty cables. All of these essentially connect a camcorder or camera to a power source or allow you to charge the battery. No matter what specialty camera cable you need, shop at Sears to get the most out of your camcorder or camera experience.


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